Here is what people say about Mark Belchetz, the CEO of MB Consulting:

Brady Murphy, Managing Partner, Vortex Mobile – “After running a competitive process, we selected Mark to advise us on the pursuit of exit opportunities. After five months working together, and the completion of a great transaction, I am convinced this was an excellent decision. Mark very quickly demonstrated a strong understanding of our objectives, our business and the mobile space. Mark’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism was invaluable in assisting us to achieve the transaction we desired. Mark was a pleasure to work with and rapidly developed excellent rapport with all parties to this transaction. I look forward to an ongoing business relationship with Mark and highly recommend him to anyone seeking transaction or strategic assistance.”

Joe Angellotti, Owner Zebra Studios – “I have had a professional relationship with Mark for over 10 years and have hired him on two separate occasions. Mark tackles business issues in a unique, intellectual & creative way and is able to identify a solution to a problem right away. Mark assisted us with our overall sales strategy and was a big part of properly positioning us for future growth. I highly recommend Mark.”

Adrian Schauer, President and CEO, Vortex Connect – “Mark has been a great asset to Vortex as we plan and execute our 100%+ growth and weigh the various options ahead of us. I recommend Mark to any entrepreneur looking for expert advice to build on their success.”

Daniel Klass, Managing Partner, Klass Capital – “Mark is intelligent, hard working, and an experienced advisor. He always acts with integrity and takes and entrepreneurial and pragmatic approach to any situation. Mark is well connected and I highly recommend Mark to small to medium sized high growth Companies in need of advisory services.”

Martin Longchamps, Vice President Mergers and Acquisitions, Transcontinental – “I had the chance to work with Mark during the Vortex acquisition of Transcontinental. Mark was acting as the advisor to Vortex. Throughout the process, Mark was instrumental in a) preparing his client well for a sale – the due diligence was transparent and well prepared b) dealing with issues raised during the process on both side in an expeditious manner and with professionalism so that a timely deal could happen and more importantly, Mark knows how to sell small business to large corporations understanding the needs of both parties very well.”

Borys Chabursky, President, SHI Consulting – “I have worked with Mark a number of times, both as a client and a business partner. Mark is a highly talented and uniquely versatile professional who has twice demonstrated his ability to rapidly learn and advise effectively in an unfamiliar industry. Mark’s intellect & depth of experience were evident given his ability to quickly assess and develop solutions to business issues. Mark has consistently delivered significant value as a consultant and achieved all objectives set out in his mandates. I recommend him highly.”

Raymond Stone, CEO Futuremed Healthcare Income Fund – “I would highly recommend Mark…He is smart, aggressive and well rounded.”

David Wasserman, Vice President & Principal, Lynx Equity Limited – “I have had the pleasure of working with Mark in a professional capacity on several projects. Mark has always demonstrated an ability to understand and evaluate complex situations and achieve optimal outcomes for the stakeholders. I look forward to working again with Mark.”

William Lumsden, Associate Investment Banking, RBC Capital Markets – “I worked with Mark extensively at the Investment Banking Group at National Bank Financial. Mark is a natural leader who consistently made the extra effort to explain the big picture and invest the time to seriously evaluate ideas from team members. Mark had a positive approach that was contagious and motivational. Mark was highly proficient at developing and communicating complex stakeholder value enhancing strategies to client senior management and as a result quickly gained the confidence of clients. Mark would be a strong asset to any company seeking a fresh approach to sales and profit growth.”

Paul Perkins, President, Zebra Studios – “I hired Mark to assist with our growth strategy. Mark was very quickly able to fully understand our business, and its key value drivers. Mark brought insight & experience that allowed us to look at our business from a new perspective. Mark’s work has lead to numerous initiatives that have positioned us to take advantage of opportunities we had not previously considered. Mark is highly client focused and service oriented. Even as our engagement has wound down, he continues to present us with interesting opportunities. I highly recommend Mark and look forward to working with him again.”