About Us

MB Consulting Inc. is a boutique advisory firm specializing in working with senior management and entrepreneurs to identify and achieve their business’ growth potential. Having worked with a geographically diverse group of clients operating in a broad range of industries, we have no preconceived “client criteria”. The only unifying characteristic among our clients is a strong desire to take their business to the next level.

MB Consulting is led by Mark Belchetz, a seasoned business leader who has advised the executives of over 100 public and private companies on a broad range of strategic initiatives. Over the course of his career, Mark has been exposed to numerous businesses and their strategies, some successful, some not. Mark founded MB Consulting in order to apply this exposure and perspective towards his true passion: Actively helping businesses to succeed.

At MB Consulting, ethics, integrity, mutual respect and common courtesy are ingrained into our DNA. Our core philosophy is to adhere to only the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in all of our dealings.